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The Tradescantia nanouk is an eye-catching trailing plant with rich purple foliage, soft and fuzzy stems, and dainty, miniature white blooms, making this plant a standout among many others.

The Beautiful and Unique Houseplant The Tradescantia nanouk, also known as a Wysteria Nanouk, is a rare and beautiful houseplant native to the popularly known state of Veracruz in Mexico. Its unique and delicate appearance makes it a treasured houseplant for many plant lovers.

Its delicate nature and vibrant coloration catches people’s attention. The shape of the leaves adds to this, as each leaf is blurred-looking, with intertwining variations of hues in shades of purple and deep, velvety purples.

The natural habitat of this plant is quite humid, where temperatures range from 18 – 24°C (64-75°F). It will adapt to the mild and variable temperatures of the home’s surrounding, providing that it is not put in direct sunlight or anything closer than half a meter away from any windows.

Tips for nurturing your Tradescantia nanouk


Due to its native habitat in Mexico, the Tradescantia nanouk thrives in bright, indirect light. Keeping your Tradescantia nanouk away from direct sunlight is necessary to prevent the leaves from burning or, even worse, causing a shocking case of ‘sun bleach’.


This plant enjoys living in mild and variable temperatures that range between 18 – 24˚C (64-75˚F).

Soil Type & Drainage

Soil that is well-draining is a must for the Tradescantia nanouk. An excellent essential soil mix is usually sufficient to accommodate its growing requirements.


The Tradescantia nanouk will thrive in wet conditions that range from 40 – 70% relative humidity. If the air in your home is too dry, you can use a humidifier to help give your plant an added boost.


Watering your Tradescantia nanouk once every week will keep it looking its best. During the dark and colder months, you can reduce the amount of water needed, but be sure to keep the soil lightly moist.


The Tradescantia nanouk is totally safe for cats and dogs, so it is excellent for pet owners looking for a low- maintenance plant to add to their living space.


Fertilizing your Tradescantia nanouk once every month during the growing season is recommended. Troubleshooting: Common problems with the Tradescantia nanouk result from too much direct sunlight or too much moisture. You can spot if your plant is dealing with either of these issues by looking for drooping, leaves or yellowing.


The Tradescantia nanouk is one of the easier plants to propagate. You can root stem cuttings in soil or water, and they should grow strong roots within three weeks.

Final Thoughts

The Tradescantia nanouk is the perfect houseplant for someone looking for something unique, beautiful, and low-maintenance. Its elegant purples, soft stems, and playful foliage will surely bring a smile to any face. So if you’re looking for a wow factor for your home, the Tradescantia nanouk is the perfect fit!

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