Philodendron erubescens ‘White Knight’ (Philodendron White Knight) care guide

In this guide you'll learn: How to care for your Philodendron erubescens ‘White Knight’ (Philodendron White Knight) plant and
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The Philodendron erubescens’ White Knight’, otherwise known as the ‘Crimson Queen’, is a lush and majestic member of the Araceae family, native to the tropical regions of Colombia and Costa Rica, where it can be found happily clambering through trees in the rainforest.

Beauty and rarity make this an ornamental climber you will never forget. This breathtaking houseplant boasts exquisite foliage with impressive coral pink, almost crimson, leaves, striking splashes of silver variegated markings and a unique, showy form, making it exceptionally coveted by avid plant enthusiasts around the world.

Tips for nurturing your Philodendron erubescens’ White Knight’


Philodendron erubescens’ White Knight’ is known to be a low light preferring plant. This means it will squirm and shrivel in the sun’s direct rays or may even burn or fade. As a result, its best suited to indirect light, such as a west or north-facing window. If in too much shade, the variegation may start to no longer appear.


This plant loves warm and humid conditions and prefers to be kept in an area that is kept between 18-24° Celsius (65-75° Fahrenheit). It can handle small fluctuations but should never be exposed to sudden temperature changes or draughts.

Soil Type and Drainage

This beauty needs soil that provides healthy drainage. The best potting soil combines peat moss, perlite or other inorganic components.


Philodendron erubescens’ White Knight’ prefers a medium to high humidity level. To ensure your plant receives the right amount of moisture, you can stand it on a tray of gravel filled with water so it can gently steam up the surrounding air. Ensure the tray is kept shallow so the plant doesn’t sit directly in water.


During the growing season, it’s best to keep this plant just barely moist. This equates to allowing the soil to almost completely dry out before watering it again. During the colder months, you can decrease the frequency somewhat, but always keep an eye out for any signs of dehydration.


Although not deadly, it is considered toxic to cats, dogs and other animals if ingested, so do keep them away from your Philodendron erubescens’ White Knight’.


This majestic climber loves to be fertilised, so use a specialised houseplant food, such as a fish emulsion, at the start of the growing period and then once or twice more during the season.

Troubleshooting Pest Diseases and Common Problems

Common problems and pests include aphids, mealybugs, spider mites, scale, and fungus gnats. Still, these are usually quite easily treated with a simple household dish soap and water solution. To help prevent disease, avoid damp leaves, particularly during the colder months, as this can lead to rots and other unsightly spots and could even kill the plant.


The Philodendron erubescens’ White Knight’ can easily be propagated through stem cuttings. Still, the best time to take cuttings is in the spring or summer before the plant starts to enter its dormant period.

Final Thoughts

If you have followed the guidelines and recommendations above and have the right environment for your Philodendron erubescens’ White Knight’ your plant will flourish, bringing a life of radiant beauty and allure to your home with its cascading leaves and striking colours. This is a much sought-after Houseplant and a truly unique way to liven up any space, so enjoy the process and cherish your Philodendron erubescens’ White Knight’.

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