About us

Outplanted was started by a duo of experienced plant enthusiasts, botanical researchers, horticultural retailers, avid gardeners and finally, allotment owners.


James specialises in horticulture and botanical research, and has been growing and rewilding forests with trees, including endangered species, for over 15 years. He is an avid gardener, allotment owner, and aids in the running of a carbon neutral initiative in companies across the UK.

James is a fan of hydroponics and grows significant amounts of fruits and vegetables both on his allotment and in hydroponic greenhouses each year, and is part-owner in a tea farm in Uji, Japan.

His life-goal is to buy land throughout the UK to plant forests of native and high-carbon-capture tree species.

James started Outplanted to share his knowledge of growing unique plants with the world and to help promote a greener, more healthy indoor lifestyle.

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